Welcome to the first installment of the Bar Exam Bard (aka bar-mom and lawyer extraordinaire Rosemary Pomeroy).  Studying for the bar can wear you down but a little rhyme and a lot of funny will lift you right back up. Yes, there is a little self promotion in this one but it’s still a great poem!

The fertile octagenerian,
she was quite a lady
okay she had a lot of kids
and her past was kind of shady

She must have been that old woman,
who lived in that blasted shoe,
yep, she had so many crazy kids,
and loads of crap to do!

She fed those kids fish sticks
and lots of peanut butter and jelly,
her life might have been different
if she had Professor Kelly

She might have been a law student,
and gone really, really far,
She’d open up her themis or kaplan books
and study for that blasted bar

She’d be reviewing torts and property
the torrid bar exam strife
but she’d be more than a maw with loads of tykes
with Professor Kelly in her life

So the fertile octagenerian
lives in her crazy shoe
taking kids to drivers ed and crying a big boo

She could have been somebody,,,
a woman in the law
but instead She has all these kids in her blasted shoe
yep…She’s a poor tired maw!



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