Most people studying for the bar exam know the basics about the multiple choice component of the exam, the MBE: It is administered across the country on the second day of the exam, comprised of 200 questions (190 graded, 10 pre-test) over 7 subjects: Federal Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts (including UCC), Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence, Real Property, and Torts; Contracts has 28 questions and the other subjects have 27.

The MBE tests a lot of material. A lot. So much that it is nearly impossible to learn everything. This is why you need to be efficient with your time and focus on the “big rocks.” These are the heavily tested topics. For example, in Torts you can expect approximately 13-14 Negligence questions but only 4-5 on Intentional Torts. In other words, Negligence is a Big Rock, Intentional Torts, not so much. How can you find the other MBE big rocks? The NCBE (the folks responsible for the MBE) has an MBE Subject Matter Outline which provides the scope of coverage including the approximate number of questions for each category.  So before you spend days trying to master the Rule Against Perpetuities, take a look at the outline to see if it’s worth that much time.



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