I moved home with my parentals
to study for the bar exam
I’m a successful millennial
Yep I know who I am!

I commandeered the family room and
took over my Dad’s little table
I spread my Kaplan books all around
taking as much space as I am able.

Hey it looks like a beautiful night,
I’ll join my folks on the deck
so what if they are relaxing and having a beer,
I’m preparing so what the heck

I look around the house,
and think what room can I take hold of next
I’m busting my a—cracking the books
Instead of insta gramming or sending a text!

My parents hosted a dinner party
adult laughter, a little wine
sorry I can’t stay for the oreo pie
it’s easement and bailment time!

My neighbors saw me reading
out on the porch for a couple of hours
now the crazy neighborhood fools
They’ve got me watering their flowers!

“We thought you’d need a study break
you already know this stuff”
non lawyer people just don’t get it–
these eight weeks are going to be tough!

I hate it when well meaning people say
“oh you need to take a break, relax”
I think of the ways I could hurt them,
but my dad doesn’t own a big  axe

I’m walking around chez parental
looking for my next sacred place!
I’ve only got 8 more lousy weeks
Till I run the bar exam race!!

I won’t take over the master en suite
but, wow that would be really neat….
To move the parentals out of their homes
while I review my Kaplan tomes.


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