When I’m done with the bar exam
I guess I will be free.
Then I’ll spend significant time
getting back to being me.

I’m going to the Clinique counter
to buy a Chubby stick.
no more thoughts about the MBE
200 questions made me sick!

I’m going to sip a latte
and hang out at the mall.
no more practice MPTs
No more studying at all.

I’m going to head to Nordstrom’s
and buy incredible shoes!
Because I’m done singing
the sorrowful Bar Exam Blues!

I’m gonna talk all day to pals
on my I-6 cellular phone,
and then rest up and sleep in
before I pay my student loans.

I’m going to a zumba class
and then maybe out to dine.
I may even meet Mr. Right, and
have a glass of wine.

The bar exam is over
I tried to do my best
Maybe I will get the Gov’s political nod,
to write essays for this test!

No matter what the outcome
I’m going forward with big time pride.
It was a long journey
but still an amazing ride.

I know more law than I’ll probably ever know
so to quote Dr. Seuss
Oh the places I’ll go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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