What the hell made you decide
that you wanted to be a July wedding bride?
What were you thinking when you picked the date…Boom
so you could be a June wedding groom?

I’m your friend who is taking the bar
I can’t be an usher or a bridesmaid star!
I cant do a poker game or bachelorette fest
Because I need to study and do my best.

I’m taking the blasted bar examination
I need a lot of time, and loads of determination.
I need to listen to tape after tape
so my brain can be in amazing shape.

I wish I could go out on the town with you
and have a flight of beer!
but I’m in my apartment answering mbes
I’d like to get out of here.

I really was a social lite,
a party animal of sorts.
but now I’m dating my Themis Books, the ones-
with property, civ pro and torts.

Sorry your wedding is on
the weekend of July twenty five.
I’d like to be a part of it.
But I have to “book it” to stay alive!

You ‘ll need me to do your will – my friend,
or take care of your DUI!
You’ll eventually be my client
so I really have to try!

I’ve got to do well and kick proverbial a_ _
You gotta understand, I have to pass
on the first try not the third
so be understanding and don’t get weird

You may need me to split up your marriage,
or explain bailments when you rent a carriage
You may need me to form an LLC
so you want me to pass the MBE

It’s only a few more weeks of pain


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