Today I’m going to talk about the dreaded “MBE Vacuum.”  Sometime in the next few weeks (usually about a week or so after the practice MBE), you will experience the “MBE Vacuum.” You will start missing a ton of questions and your scores will drop, sometimes by a lot. I don’t really know why this happens only that it is very common. If and when this happens: Do. Not. Panic. Resist the urge to hurl your book across the room or throw things at your computer. Avoid posting on social media things like; “I just got 3/17 Crim questions right. I’m going to FAIL the bar exam.” Or “I guess all those hours and hours I spent studying Evidence were a TOTAL waste of time because according to this MBE score, I don’t know ANYTHING.”

Yes, you might get some sympathetic responses from friends but this won’t improve your scores. You need to get out of the vacuum. Take a few deep breaths, close your book, shut off the computer and take a break from the MBE for a few days. Come back with a better attitude and I promise your scores will improve.




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