When I get done with the bar
I won’t need to go far.

I’m getting some beer
and I’m out of here.

I’m taking my bar bri books out to the road
I’m done with my heavy studying load.

I’m gonna watch baseball and Mike and Mike
I’m going to golf, run, gamble and bike.

I may get some courvoisier and go out with a lass
because I’m done with the bar and bar review class.

I’m going to play pick up ball with my buddies
because I no longer have  500 hours of study.

I think I may quit eating peanut butter and jelly
and…I’m erasing emails from Professor Katherine Kelly

I’m going to go watch the Reds or the Tribe,
and I will sit at the park and plan to imbibe.

I may even help my Dad mow the lawn,
but I still have a month until summer is gone.

I may go out and get a tight fitting suit
because soon I’ll be making substantial loot.

I’m taking a cruise, or going to sin city
I’m going to have fun and it won‘t be pretty.

what happens in Vegas stays there I’m told
I’m going out there to look for the gold.


I’m befriending Polo, Sperry and Hugo Boss
updating my wardrobe whatever the cost.

I have a few weeks to forget the mbe and mpt
and focus instead on well, simply me.

I’m done with what is my bar exam strife
and if I am married, I can see my wife.

If I am single, my life needs to start rolling
It is for the ladies, that I will be trolling.

I’m going to think of my law pals every day
but not in a competitive stressed out way~

and when I get my bar results online
I will realize there was a time
when old farts looked at the Supreme Court list
tacked on the court door in the morning mist.

I plan to check my name when,
the results come down
and then find out where 800 am bars are in town.
I promised the parentals I won’t drink and drive
so I have to find a pal who won’t imbibe!



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