If you leave the exam
and go to the loo!
you can’t come back in
what will you do?

I guess the bar exam
ain’t for old women and men
because if you leave for the potty
you can’t come in again.

I thought of a woman in my class
who graduated at 65!
with today’s bar exam security
she wouldn’t survive.

So much for the senior citizen gent
who on his J.D. his pension spent!
His bladder problems would kill his dream
with today’s security bar exam scheme!

Yes the bar exam is truly for the young at heart
and not for old guys who dribble and fart!
it’s not for women who wear their Poise
it’s for smart young girls and young intelligent boys!

You take a break to go one or two
you might as well flush yourself down the loo
so much for the Themis or Kaplan fee
stay in the crapper and cry poor me.

Again, some things are better left for the young
so as you spew law from your youthful tongue.
Don’t go out to use the loo.
Wear Depends or hold it…that’s what you must do!


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