It’s been a blast being the bar exam bard
and frankly I know you’ve studied hard!

I consider it a break from my billable time
to engage in joyous and humorous time!

I’m actually Sarah Pomeroy’s maw
and most of the time I practice law!

I’ve had some fun trying to give you some cheer
during what is part of a very stressful year!

This rite of passage is a pain in the a- –
But honestly I know you all will pass!

When it’s over you can think,
it is time to watch a movie, get dinner and a drink!
I must admit as I pray to God above
it’s hard to watch this process with people you love.

Maybe I’ll see you in the court house or CBA
I hope you’ll stop me and tell me about your day!

I’ve said this often over peanut butter and jelly!
no one cares for your success like Professor Katherine Kelly.

The practice of law is also hard,
and quite frankly there isn’t a law practice bard.

Good luck I’m praying for your success!
Like your mom says “just do your best!”

Take a deep breath, bite your lip and repeat til you win, “no bar examiner is going to tell me I can’t get in!!!!


Rosemary Ebner Pomeroy


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