No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

The bar exam is finally here. Do not study today.  You have been studying for months. Today is better used for re-charging and resting (or pacing around). It’s time to power up for tomorrow. As you start to wrap things up, here are a few last-minute reminders:
Follow the #1 rule of Fight Club: Don’t Talk about Fight Club. I cannot say this enough. It is the cardinal rule for the bar exam. No matter how tempted you are to rush out of the testing center and double-check every detail of your answers with your friends, don’t do it! It’s like asking a woman how much she weighs: rude, awkward, and no good will come of it.
Believe in yourself and your abilities. This is the one thing that I can’t do for you. I know you can do it but you must know you can do it. Believe in your abilities and keep answering each question with confidence, even if you have to fake it. When you encounter a tough question (it will happen), do not panic. All panicking does is waste time. Instead, activate your panic plan, work your way through it, and move on to the next question. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. You’ve got this.
Don’t quit. The quote at the top is from Eleanor Roosevelt. My mom used to say this to my brother, sisters, and me all the time. Any time I have wanted to give up, quit, or run away from something, I hear my mom saying those words and keep going. I am not about to give anyone (or thing) permission to tell me I’m not good enough or that I can’t accomplish my goals. So take this attitude with you into the bar exam and no matter what happens, don’t quit.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Don’t consent.



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