Just days ago you took your last law school exam and celebrated graduation and hooding with family and friends. I hope you had fun because now it’s time to get going. You’ve worked hard for almost three years so 10 more weeks is no big deal. You can rest in August. For many of you, commercial bar prep starts this week and the course will quickly feel overwhelming with all of the material and assignments. This is because commercial bar courses have to reach a lot of people all with different levels of knowledge and ability. Don’t try to do everything. Don’t follow the program like a robot. Instead, figure out the best way to use the program and the material in a way that works for you. For example:

Go through the prepared study schedule and adjust it to fit your learning and study needs.

  • Are you going to review outlines before or after the lectures? Not at all?
  • Are you going to study from the lecture notes or create your own outline?
  • Will you do practice problems immediately after lectures, after you’ve reviewed the material, or the next day after you’ve had time to process?

Try out a few different study areas and see which atmosphere promotes focused learning (hint: it will not be anywhere in the vicinity of a tv, refrigerator, couch, or bed).

  • Do you need to be in a quiet, open space like a library?
  • Do you need to be around people or by yourself?
  • Are you more productive in the morning or afternoon?

Regardless of what you do, the first week of commercial bar prep is the best time to figure things out. The amount of work is manageable and you feel in control and motivated.  Take advantage of the opportunity and make mistakes now instead of in July.



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