In order to successfully prepare for the bar exam, you have to manage your time. Although commercial bar prep companies provide a daily study schedule, it doesn’t take your life into account. What if you’re working part-time? Going to an out of town event? Get sick? You need to create a plan that keeps you on track yet fits your schedule. This means spending at least 50 hours a week on bar study. You will learn new material every day so don’t get behind because there is no time to catch up. You want this to be the last test you ever take so don’t try to game the exam because you are a good test-taker or don’t want to over-study. Instead, commit to the process and develop a routine that includes lectures, outlining, reviewing, and practice. You are much more likely to actually do something if you plan for it so create a schedule that includes studying, breaks, social, family, hygiene and other upkeep. For example:

7-8 Wake-up, go for run
8-9 Shower, eat breakfast, pack lunch, walk to library
9-12 Watch Contracts lecture
12-12:30 Lunch break
12:30-3:00 Create streamlined outline from lecture notes
3-3:15 Stretch break
3:15-4:15 Do and review Contracts essay
4:15-5:15 Do and review 17 MBE
5:15-6 Walk home, eat dinner
6-7:30 Review Contracts notes
7:30-8:30 Check email, social media
8:30-10:30 Watch tv, hang out with friends
10:30-11 Plan schedule for next day
11 Go to bed

The commercial bar prep schedule is there to keep you on track but it’s up to you to manage your time and actually do the work. Commit to the process for the next ten weeks and you won’t have to do it again.



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