It’s the first week of bar prep and you’re thinking “this is not so bad.” Yes, you’ve got to do the work but it’s manageable. It is like the first day of school all over again—your study zone is set up with brand new books, fresh highlighters, unopened packs of index cards. You’re up early, work hard, and are finished in plenty of time to watch NBA play-off games. You can’t imagine why anyone would need to study 60 hours a week and you’re beginning to think those bar exam horror stories are a bit exaggerated. You’ve got this thing under control.

Welcome to the honeymoon phase.

This honeymoon will not last 10 weeks. I wish it would. I want everything to go smoothly and I want you to feel confident and secure every step of the way. The reality is that in a few weeks you will stumble, become disillusioned, get a bit grouchy. Studying 60 hours a week will seem like nothing and you’ll find yourself griping at every little thing: the bar lecturer isn’t wearing a tie, the bar lecturer is wearing a tie, the outline book won’t stay open, your computer screen is too bright, etc. However, you don’t quit when things get hard. You work through it. You might ask for help or you might figure it out on your own. Either way, you and the bar exam are in this for the long haul. You need to be aware of this now so that when the honeymoon does end, you don’t file for divorce.



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