In yesterday’s post I said that motivation is intrinsic and comes from within. This is true but sometimes it’s not easy to find the internal drive.  There are times when you forget about every success  ever achieved and are convinced you won’t pass the bar exam. We all get a low score on a practice essay, miss a bunch of multiple choice questions, or have a generally bad day. When that is the case, you might need a little push from external factors.

It’s okay to have setbacks. It’s not okay to give up. Giving up is easy. What’s hard is giving 100% not knowing if it’s enough (it is). I’ve found that oftentimes, people who fail the bar exam do so because they are afraid to fail. Sounds weird but think about it- if you give up and don’t study you can blame failure on that. But what if you work really hard and fail? Then it’s personal and you’re not good enough. Some people can’t handle this so they quit. It’s called a fixed mindset and it means that you spend too much time worrying about how adequate you are and how other people perceive you. Someone with a growth mindset focuses on the process and effort. Having a growth mindset is what allows you find that inner drive and keep moving forward.



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