In the next week or two you will take your simulated MBE. Keep it in perspective and focus on the process, not the product. Don’t skip ahead to the score you want or think you should get. First you have prepare for the exam experience. This is an exam simulation so simulate exam conditions:

  • Start at 9am and follow the time permitted (100 in the AM, 1 hour break for lunch, 100 in the PM).
  • Use a regular #2 pencil, but no pens, highlighters, separate erasers or pencil sharpeners allowed.
  • No notes, watch, cell phone, snacks, cell phone, ear plugs, or drinks other than water.

Remember, this is not the actual bar exam and even though you think you should know the material, you don’t. Your brain has been so busy taking in new information that it hasn’t had time to process it. You are not going to do as well on this practice test as you will on the actual bar exam. 45% or more correct is a good score. Let me repeat that: anything over 45% is a good score. Again, it’s about the process not the product. Your score is a starting point. A lot of learning will take place in the next few weeks so figure out why you missed questions- didn’t know the law, didn’t understand the question asked, misread something, you were tired, hungry, bored. These are the things you need to know in order to improve.
In the weeks that follow continue simulating the exam experience when you work through questions:

  • Do mixed-subject sets.
  • Don’t use notes/outlines. You need to force your brain to recall the information.
  • Be cognizant of time: 34 questions in 60 minutes.

Most important, keep the MBE in perspective. You don’t have to get an A to pass.
Check back tomorrow to learn about how to approach the MBE just like an essay with IRAc.



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