You might feel a little nervous because the commercial bar prep lectures are over and although you have a study schedule, you are essentially on your own. Oftentimes people aren’t quite sure what to do. You are a special snowflake so why follow a generic study schedule? Don’t. Use it as a base and adapt it to what works best for you. In general, I recommend covering 2-4 two subjects a day and for each subject:

  1. Review notes;
    • How you review is up to you. There is no one right way to do it.
  2. Work through practice essays and MBEs.
    • in time, NO notes;
  3. Review your responses, modify as needed.
    • Compare essay responses to released responses and reconcile difference, figure out why you missed an MBE question.
  4. Repeat

Whether you study 2, 3, or 4 subjects a day is up to you. How much time to spend per subject and per component depends on your comfort-level and how you like to learn. If you learn from reading, take more time to review notes. If you learn from doing, skim notes and do more practice. If you learn from mistakes spend more time reviewing your response and modifying your notes.

Keep studying and practicing and working your plan.  While you should take note of your failures, you should also recognize your successes. This is what helps you stay in control and move forward.

Check out tomorrow’s post for suggestions on how to take your nervous energy and transform it into confidence.



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