Many of you are taking a simulated MBE today. You’re going into it with a mindset similar to how you felt about exams your first semester of law school: “I just want to pass. I’ll be happy with a C.” For most of you, grades came out and you did pretty well, better than you hoped for. Even if you didn’t do well, you didn’t quit. If you had, you wouldn’t be studying for the bar exam right now. It’s human nature to do things like this- failure happens but no one likes it. When you fail, it’s easy to want to give up. Planning to fail is called “failure expectation” and it actually helps you maintain confidence. Even if you do poorly, you are prepared for it and it doesn’t kill your motivation. The rationale behind this is that we learn from our mistakes often better than from our successes.

So prepare for the simulated MBE with a “failure expectation” plan. Aim for a realistic score like 50%. Then come up with a back up plan if you score under this. If you score higher, you can move forward but even if you “fail,” you have a plan to reach your ultimate goal. Giving up is not an option and neither is whining about it. Know what you will do to keep yourself moving forward.




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