Last week you took a simulated MBE and have now been working to improve upon that performance. You have probably seen a nice improvement on practice questions but this is about the time when people experience the “MBE Vacuum.”  You will start missing a ton of questions and your scores will drop, sometimes by a lot. I don’t really know why this happens only that it is very common. If an when you enter The Vacuum, Do. Not. Panic. Resist the urge to hurl your book across the room or throw things at your computer. Avoid posting on social media things like; “I just got 3/17 Crim questions right. I’m going to FAIL the bar exam.” Or “I guess all those hours and hours I spent studying Evidence were a TOTAL waste of time because according to this MBE score, I don’t know ANYTHING.”

Yes, you might get some sympathetic responses from friends but this won’t improve your scores. This won’t get you out of The Vacuum. Take a few deep breaths, close your book, shut off the computer and take a break from the MBE for a few days. Come back with a better attitude and I promise your scores will improve.



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