The National Conference of Bar Examiners recently announced changes to the MBE. The MBE will still have 200 multiple choice questions over seven subjects but instead of 190 scored questions, only 175 will be scored. Beginning with the February 2017 exam, the MBE will now have 25 pre-test questions.

Pre-testing is important because it allows test creators to gauge things for future exams  like how well a question is written, and the difficulty (or ease) and usefulness of the concept tested. It helps the reliability and validity of future standardized exams.

However, increasing the percentage of pre-test questions from 5% to 12.5% means that each question will count more. You will need to answer more questions correctly in order to get the same score as in past years. Therefore, it is even more important to take the time to learn the material, do practice questions, and assess performance.

You must pass the bar exam in order to practice law so don’t run the risk of failing because you are a “good test taker” and think you don’t need to put in the time. Instead, know what is expected of you and make sure to prepare for it.



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