It’s no secret that preparing for the bar exam includes doing lots of practice questions. However, if all you do is practice question after question, you will not improve your ability to do well on the bar exam. Practice is one part of the learning process. In order it to enhance learning and promote skill transfer you must assess your performance and adjust accordingly. Simply answering questions without assessing what you did and how you did it focuses on remembering content from the past. This will not change your future performance. Your goal is to learn the material and transfer skills from practice to the actual exam- this requires you to look forward.

The Learning Process:


You can assess essays by comparing your response to the model response and identifying similarities and differences. You can assess multiple choice questions by comparing your process for reaching a particular answer it to the provided answer choice analyses. Yes, this takes time but when it comes to learning for the bar exam, think quality over quantity. The time you spend reviewing bar exam answers should equal the amount of time you spend doing bar exam questions.

Learning is a constant process of discovery- a process without end.  Bruce Lee



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