Not too long ago I read a great article in the Harvard Business Review  by Sabina Nawaz called Silence the Critical Voices in Your Head. The title says it all but the first paragraph is what really hit home:

“There’s one debilitating behavior that most of us fall victim to with great regularity: listening to critical voices in our heads. Whether they originate from external criticism or our own fears and doubts, these negative voices tell us we’re not good enough, kind enough, or productive enough. Research shows that echoing negative thoughts inside our heads increases our chances of depression, isolates us from others, and inhibits us from pursuing goals.”

We all have negative voices in our head but what takes us off-track is letting those voices get too loud.  Nawaz says we need to develop a strategy for pushing through the negative so we can be productive and successful. Read the article to see what that strategy is.



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