Warning: If you are weak-hearted (or haven’t been studying) then you might not like what I’m about to say. Now is the time to focus.

Not tomorrow. Not February. Now. We are five weeks out from the exam and there is no more time for foolishness. Pretty much everyone studying for the bar exam is a little slap-happy and social media is filled with bar exam posts, photos, tweets, and hashtags. I get it: you are a bit tired and it’s hard to focus. This is totally normal but it’s time to stop. You need motivation, the psychological drive that compels you towards a certain goal. It is intrinsic and comes from within. You must attribute your results to factors under your control and believe you have the skill to reach your goal. Think about what you want to achieve and how to do it instead of going through the motions and making excuses. You will pass the bar exam because you’ve been preparing for three years and this summer is the final push. You have to want it and keep working for it.
Social media is a wonderful way to find and share motivation but please resist the urge to create a bar exam meme, post a picture of you “studying” or your cat or dog “helping” you study. For goodness sakes, don’t post pics of caffeine, bar outlines (so overdone) and stop tweeting screen shots of your progress bar (no one is buying it). Enough with the #barprepproblems and #barprepsucks. Stop lamenting about the gorgeous day you’re missing (as if everyone your age doesn’t have a job).

Instead, remind yourself: I am a law school graduate. I am better than this.



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