Lily Pads

Six weeks of studying. Six weeks of watching video lectures, taking notes, reading outlines, answering multiple choice questions, writing essay responses, working through MPTs, reviewing flash cards…

What do all these things have in common? They involve sitting. You’ve basically been sitting 40+ hours a week for six weeks. This is not good. Why? Because sitting is the new smoking. Researchers have found that sitting more than six hours a day will greatly increase your risk of an early death. Yikes.

Ok, so 10 weeks of sitting probably won’t kill you but it sure isn’t extending your life. You’ve only been sitting for six weeks but don’t pretend that your back, neck, shoulders, aren’t stiff. When you go to stand up, you creak and groan like a 90 year old. You probably feel more lethargic and less motivated to move. You may be accountable for your bar studying but you’ve stopped being accountable for your movement.

It’s amazing how, when you are aware of what you are doing in the moment, it is easy to see how the little things can lead to major changes.

You may not stop studying for the bar exam. But you should take breaks and move.

Try a little office yoga.

Take a five minute walk around the block or building.

Vacuum one room in the house.

Have a mini dance party to one song (don’t even pretend you don’t already do this).

Get up and MOVE.








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