It’s the end of January and the bar exam is three weeks away. Don’t panic. You think you need more time but you don’t. You are right on track. Besides, you have got to be ready for this to be over. Can you imagine having to study another week or two? No thank you. Commercial bar prep lectures are (almost) over so it is time to shift from practicing how to learn to practicing for performance. The bar exam tests two things: (1) knowledge and (2) skills, so your preparation should reflect this. Stay the course and keep moving forward. Remember, you haven’t just been studying for 6-7 weeks. You’ve been preparing for three years and the past several weeks have solidified the foundation you need for the exam.

Practice for Performance.

All the information is in your brain (really, it’s in there) so you’ve got to practice using it and focus on the skills tested. That means answering questions using your brain and not your notes or outlines. This seems daunting but it’s time and the longer you wait the more dependent you become.  You’re never going to know everything but your brain is amazing so give it a chance.

It’s like learning to ride a bike- you start out with training wheels    but at a certain point you don’t need them. You think you do but you really don’t. You see other people riding two wheelers and think maybe you can do it but you are scared. You might fall. Finally your dad/mom/grandma/sibling gets tired of it and takes those training wheels off. You are so scared. You make that person promise to hold your bike and not let go. They say, “sure thing,” and give you a push. You wobble a bit, maybe even fall, but you get up and do it again and then… you are riding a bike.

Do you really want to be like this guy?

Going off-note is scary and, like riding a bike, initially you will wobble and maybe fall. The first few attempts will be ugly. You will struggle. You will see issues but not be able to pull the rules out of your brain. You will miss issues because you are so busy wishing you could look at your notes. You will curse me and want to yell at me- how dare I believe in your abilities or think you can do this. That’s fine. I can take it. Push through and give it some time. I know you’ve put the work in and I know you can do it.

If the thought of going cold turkey is too much, you may taper but not for long. You may use notes/outlines as a resource (there if you need it) for the next few days, but on Feb 1: NO. MORE. NOTES.

Want more information about what to do when commercial bar prep lectures end?  Check out this post on the Bar Exam Wizard for some ideas on what to do.



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