The good news is that you only have one more week until you get to take the bar exam. There is no bad news. Two things to focus on:

Family & Friends: You might think you’ve done a great job holding things together and acting like you’re fine. You have not. Your friends and family are not dumb but they do love you so they’ve gone along with the charade. Now is the time to get in the shower, put on some clean clothes, and remind these folks how much they mean to you. Don’t wait until after the bar exam. Making the time now means a lot more than when it’s convenient for you. It’s been about you for awhile.

Get into the Bar Exam Zone: 9-10 weeks ago you started the final leg of a lifelong journey. You have crammed thousands of pieces of material into your brain. You haven’t learned everything but you have learned enough. I’ve been telling you that you can do it, telling you to trust yourself and your abilities. Now is the time for you to start believing it. It’s time to get into the the zone.  Check out this blog post for some tips on how to stay in the zone. Don’t have five minutes for that? Check out the 30 second video version.



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