Time to Taper

In law school you studied right up until it was time to take the exam. Those were the good old days of mere 3 hour tests, unlimited use of highlighters, pens, and pencils; you could wear a hat, drink coffee, eat snacks.

The bar exam is not a law school exam. Endurance is important. You’ve been studying for 10 weeks and you are tired. You’ve probably had trouble focusing this week, each day getting worse than the one before. This is totally normal. Your body and brain sending you a signal so listen and get some rest between now and Tuesday so you can be focused and energized. It’s time to taper.


  • Study in moderation
  • Sleep, relax, watch tv, go out to dinner, interact with other people
  • Go easy on the alcohol, soda, coffee, and energy drinks. Eat a vegetable. Drink some water.


  • Cram. You can’t learn all the law and you don’t need to.
  • Obsess over your MBE scores. It won’t help and you’ll be fine.
  • Expect to get a perfect score on every essay. It won’t happen and it’s not necessary.
  • Doubt yourself and your abilities. You are ready for this.

It’s time to start listening to the people who’ve been saying you can do this. They are not saying it to be nice. They know how hard you’ve worked and how capable you are. Don’t insult them by not believing in yourself.




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