If you plan on taking the July 2017 OHIO bar exam, then continue reading.

Ohio has a two-step application process: (1)  Application to Register as a Candidate for Admission (C&F Application) by mid-November of 2L year; and (2)  Bar Exam Application by April 3, 2017.

The C&F Application results in provisional approval and is valid for four years. The Bar Exam Application is your intent to sit for a specific exam and is valid only for that specific exam. The Ohio Office of Bar Admissions does not process Bar Exam Applications until the previous bar exam has been administered. The February 2017 exam was last week so the submission window is now open.

Items YOU must submit by April 3rd:

  • Supplemental Character Questionnaire*
    • update information provided in C&F application, including three additional character references.
  • Exam Application
  • Applicant Affidavit*
  • Law School Character Certificate
    • the law school must certify it has no knowledge of anything that would cause doubt regarding your character, fitness, or moral qualifications to practice law.
  • Non-Refundable Payments
    • bar exam fee and MPT fee. Must be certified checks or money orders.

*These items must be notarized.

Items your LAW SCHOOL must submit at least 30 days before the exam:

  • Final Law School Certificate
  • If applicable– Substance Abuse Instruction Certification
    • You do not need this if you received substance abuse instruction through a law school Professional Responsibility course. 

If you have questions about either the C&F Application or the Bar Exam Application, contact your law school’s bar support person or the Ohio Office of Bar Admissions.



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