Most states have released February bar exam results and while many are celebrating, some are not. Not everyone passed which means the journey is not over. When you don’t pass the bar exam, you not only have to do it all over again but you have to do it differently. In order to change the outcome, you have to change the input.

Failure is simply the opportunity to start again. This time more intelligently.

-Henry Ford

Instead of identifying all the things you did “wrong,” start with what DID work. For example: you put in 50-60 hours a week for 10 weeks, completed all of the commercial bar prep lectures, submitted all the graded essays, etc. From there you can take a look at areas where you can improve: was your MBE score below average, were your essays ok but not great, did you get low scores on any particular essays? The next step is to ask “why?” and trying to do this yourself is not easy. Get feedback from someone- the bar support person at your school, a bar examiner, the bar coach from commercial bar prep, a good friend who was successful.

Through all of this, remember that you are not starting from zero. You did a lot of things right. You can pass the bar exam and you will pass the bar exam.

Failing the Bar Exam: how to regroup, refocus, move forward



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