The end of commercial bar prep lectures means the start of focused review and practice. It does not mean the start of memorizing your outlines, nor does it mean you spend 90% of your time reading outlines, making flashcards, etc. You need to spend at least 50% of your study time doing practice questions. Off note. No outline. Using only your brain.

For MBE questions, this isn’t too tough because you’ve already taken a practice exam without your notes/outline. Essay questions are another story. This is because, for multiple choice questions, your brain only needs to recognize the material, but for essays your brain has to produce it. This is a slightly different skill that you need to develop. The way to develop the skill is to… practice. The first couple of essays might be awful but that’s ok. We learn from mistakes, oftentimes better than from our successes.

Go into this stage of bar prep with a growth mindset. Expect to make mistakes so you can use them to improve. Don’t wait to practice when you think you can do it *right.* Practice with the goal of learning how to do it right. mistakes



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