New York Bar Exam Update

New Policy on Seat Assignments for the New York Bar Exam According to the New York Board of Law Examiners (BOLE) website, the BOLE has changed its policy concerning Test Center assignments. In the past, test center assignments were based on an applicant's residential address. Beginning with the February 2018 exam, seating is no longer … Continue reading New York Bar Exam Update


Knowing How to Manage Your Time

Many third year law students believe they have good time management skills. This conclusion is usually based on a false premise: grades. Just as grades are not feedback for learning, grades are not indicative of time management skills. You may have gotten an A in a class but this is merely the outcome. It means … Continue reading Knowing How to Manage Your Time

Waiting For Bar Exam Results

Studying for the bar exam was stressful but so is waiting for results. Some jurisdictions have already posted results but many bar takers are still waiting to find out whether they passed or failed. Ohio releases bar exam results at 7am on the last Friday of October. Regardless of when you find out, as that date … Continue reading Waiting For Bar Exam Results