Handling Stress & Anxiety

Stress is inevitable. It is any demand placed on your brain or body and it can be a good thing because it pushes you to keep going. However, stress does have a negative impact when it is nonstop or overwhelming. We can’t avoid it but we can manage it. Start by putting things in perspective … Continue reading Handling Stress & Anxiety


Apps That Help Manage Stress & Time

This post was written by my incredible research assistant who diligently tested all the apps with the bar exam in mind. Mindfulness Apps 10% Happier- 10% Happier provides one to two minute lectures that discuss the science and benefits of meditation. Each video is followed by a guided meditation. If you are disinterested in the … Continue reading Apps That Help Manage Stress & Time

Bar Prep Study Strategies Based on Brain Science

Brain Science and the Bar Exam Much like law school exams, the bar exam is a skills test. Neither is about your ability to memorize and regurgitate information. Both require knowledge but both require you to use that knowledge to engage in high-order thinking skills like analysis and problem-solving. This is where the similarities end. … Continue reading Bar Prep Study Strategies Based on Brain Science