Two Weeks ’til the Bar Exam

Two. More. Weeks. You're tired, excited, scared, cautiously optimistic, not ready, ready to get it over with. You have all of the feelings. This is not the time to ramp it up.  This is where we put all of your training into practice. Although you might make a few adjustments or focus on a few problem … Continue reading Two Weeks ’til the Bar Exam


Self-Care During Bar Prep

It's February. The bar exam is real. You don't feel ready. Thanks to the commercial bar prep progress bar, you know exactly how many lectures you’ve watched, the number of MBE questions answered, and practice essays you’ve done. But can you remember the last time you got dressed? Not sweats. Real clothes. Do you have … Continue reading Self-Care During Bar Prep

New Year’s Resolution: Three Thing to Give Up in Order to Move Forward

Welcome to 2018! Since you are probably in full bar prep mode, you might not have even realized it's a new year. Even if you didn't partake in any festivities or celebrations, you don't have to miss out on all the New Year's traditions. You can make a New Year's resolution. We all want to … Continue reading New Year’s Resolution: Three Thing to Give Up in Order to Move Forward

2018 MPRE

Registration for the 2018 MPRE opens today. You may register for any of the 2018 exam administrations between now and the registration deadline. Below are the 2018 test dates and registration deadlines: Test Date Regular Registration Deadline Fee: $95 Late Registration Deadline Fee: $190 March 24 February 1 February 8 August 11 June 21 June … Continue reading 2018 MPRE