Studying for the MPRE

The August 2018  Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE) is this Saturday and it's not hard to pass... IF you take the time to prepare. The MPRE is like the written test to get your driver’s license- it’s easy if you know the material. However, if you don’t read the little booklet with the rules of … Continue reading Studying for the MPRE


MPRE: The Process of Preparing

The March MPRE is less than 2 weeks away. Way back in January when you registered for the exam you swore you were going to start studying early. No waiting until the last minute for you. Here you are in mid-March and that MPRE prep book is still in the back of your car where … Continue reading MPRE: The Process of Preparing

2018 MPRE

Registration for the 2018 MPRE opens today. You may register for any of the 2018 exam administrations between now and the registration deadline. Below are the 2018 test dates and registration deadlines: Test Date Regular Registration Deadline Fee: $95 Late Registration Deadline Fee: $190 March 24 February 1 February 8 August 11 June 21 June … Continue reading 2018 MPRE