Memorizing is NOT Learning

Memorizing. It's the bane of studying for the bar exam. Or is it? Instead of relying on what your friend (or yoga instructor) says is the best way to study, perhaps place your trust in brain science. I’ve posted a few times about the effectiveness of learning strategies like  spaced repetition and interleaving.  If you … Continue reading Memorizing is NOT Learning


*New* Types of Learning, Part II

Monday's post LINK was about a learning strategy called spaced repetition. Today's post is about another effective learning strategy called interleaving. The bar exam is a skills test and developing those skills requires practice. You might think the best way to do this is to work on one skill at a time. That's called blocking, … Continue reading *New* Types of Learning, Part II

*New* Types of Learning for the Bar Exam

The bar exam is similar to law school exams in that both are skills tests. Neither is about memorizing or regurgitating information. You need to know information but you have to go beyond that- you must understand and apply that information. You must use high-order thinking skills like analysis and problem-solving. With these similarities you … Continue reading *New* Types of Learning for the Bar Exam