Overcoming Bar Exam Roadblocks

Almost everyone has heard the term “growth mindset” and what it means: talents and abilities can be developed and the best way to learn is by sticking to it. Most of us probably think we have a growth mindset because we often attribute our success to hard work and perseverance. However, when we experience a … Continue reading Overcoming Bar Exam Roadblocks


Bar Prep Learning (not memorizing)

I’ve posted a few times about the importance of using learning strategies like spaced repetition and interleaving  to study for the bar exam. Instead of relying on what your friend (or yoga instructor) says is the best way to study, perhaps place your trust in brain science. The first step is to stop trying to … Continue reading Bar Prep Learning (not memorizing)

Bar Prep Study Strategies Based on Brain Science

Brain Science and the Bar Exam Much like law school exams, the bar exam is a skills test. Neither is about your ability to memorize and regurgitate information. Both require knowledge but both require you to use that knowledge to engage in high-order thinking skills like analysis and problem-solving. This is where the similarities end. … Continue reading Bar Prep Study Strategies Based on Brain Science

Constructing Bar Exam Essay Responses

You already know bar exam essay questions are different from law school exam essay questions. Bar exam essay questions are straight-forward: no unnecessary facts, red herrings, or tricks. Unlike law school exam responses which require in-depth analysis, counter-analysis, and policy arguments, bar exam responses should be simple and formulaic with shallow fact application. They are … Continue reading Constructing Bar Exam Essay Responses